Super Car Tours

  4 Exotics Super Cars + 2 Hours of Driving = Time of your Life!  Our Super Car Rally is one of the funniest experiences you can have. We take 4 Exotic Super cars and do a 2 hour tour of Coastal San Diego. You get to experience each one of the exotic cars and […]



Hourly Rentals

Now you can rent our cars and use it for a hot date, meeting, birthday party, wedding or social gathering. We offer an affordable solution to drive some of the most powerful and exotics cars on the road today. Just be ready for the attention you will receive in our cars. You will feel like […]

24 Hour Rentals

Rent your favorite exotic, luxury or super car for a full 24 hours. Our vehicles are absolutely beautiful and expect to get a lot of attention from everyone on the road. Don’t be surprised when there is people following you and taking pictures. It is pretty common to have people asking you questions about the […]


autocross event

Auto Cross

Our most affordable package which gives you the opportunity to drive your favorite Lambo, Ferrari, Bentley GT or other exotic. You get 5 laps around the autocross track and will be able to feel the power of these beasts at your fingertips.     5 Laps/1 Car $99 Special (Regular $249) 10 Laps/2 Cars $159 […]